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When dealing with transactions involving the acquisition and/or rental of land or property, we offer a fully extensive service. Our expert conveyancing team is fully equipped to handle a wide array of transactions.

Our professionals offer rapid turnaround times coupled with the most up to date communication for our clients.



At Dhooge Law inc we help to plan your estate so that after your death your wishes are realised. We offer legal assistance in drafting your new will and/or amending your current will. We also offer safe storage facilities for all of your estate documents free of charge.

If you are faced with a deceased estate and require advice, management and administrative assistance, our team of legal experts will handle the matter from inception until end in a professional and seamless manner.


We offer concise and up to date legal advice when dealing with any labour law issues. We will represent you as an employee or as an employer in disciplinary hearings, appearances in the CCMA and drafting of employment agreements, restraint of trade agreements and settlement agreements.


In the event of your legal rights being challenged or you wanting to take legal action, we offer extensive litigation services to assist you. We are able to represent you in the High Court, Magistrates’ Court and even the CCMA if required.


Personal attention and compassion is one of our foundational values when it comes to family and matrimonial law. We believe that there is always a manner in which disputes may be resolved if the parties are similarly minded. It is important for us to ensure that in such matters, that resolution be done amicably in order to maintain and even restore relationships involved in the matter rather than a costly and litigious route.

We provide a host of services that cover all aspects of family law, including divorce, maintenance, contact, Rule 43 applications, protection orders, domestic violence, parenting plans and the Children’s Court.


Our experienced professionals have had significant experience in the incorporation of juristic entities, with specific emphasis on the preparation and registration of all company documentation.

Allow us to prepare, interpret and advise on a multitude of commercial agreements, including joint venture agreements, commercial lease agreements, distribution agreements and more.

We also offer extensive assistance on business reorganisation and restructurings, including transfer of shares, the registration, deregistration and liquidation of companies, lodging claims in insolvent estates, and assisting in the advertising of statutory advertisements.


We offer a wide range of notarial services, including the drafting of antenuptial contracts, notarial deeds of servitude and exclusive use areas.

All notarial documents are attested before our Notary Public and notarial deeds are registered at the Deeds Office where they will become documents of public record.

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